Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vacation photos!

As I mentioned before, I was on vacation in the Seychelles and Dubai for three weeks and here are a few photos (we took over 3000...)

The beach of our hotel.

On the island La Digue

Exploring the island Curieuse

Enjoying the sunset in the pool.
And watching fruit bats.

And sometimes being watched by fruit bats...

Seeing cute mammals in the Vallé de Mai on the island Praslin

Exploring the national park Vallé de Mai

Petting a turtle on the island Cousin
and discovering endangered birds nesting on the ground

Then we flew to Dubai

and spent a few days in the desert
...watching gazelles

and riding camels

and drinking sparkling wine in the dunes

and taking walks shortly after sunrise

and stalking the oryx antelopes in front of our entrance door

and then in Dubai marveling at the highest building of the world: The Burj Khalifa

and enjoying the view from our room

and going shopping in the Dubai mall, buying too many Arabic sweets...


Shari Arnold said...

Love the photos, Susanne!!

RedButterfly said...

The photos are great ^_^

BTW can you tell me what happened with The Life Beyond? I heard the book was canceled ;_;