Friday, February 3, 2012

Launch photos!

I had a wonderful launch on Wednesday in London. I still can't believe that THE OTHER LIFE is really out in the world.

I thought you might be interested in seeing a few photos of my special day.

This is my book next to The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Legend, Blood Red Road and many more. Eeee! The pic was taken in Foyles Charing Cross where I signed stock!

This is the library room in the Soho Hotel where my launch lunch (what a word! hehe) took place.

There were copies of The Other Life everywhere!

The room's filling with guests! I'm the awkward girl in the red and white dress!

It was so much fun talking to everyone! Oh, and that posh guy in the back? He was our personal butler!

There were etageres with food! The sandwiches are still missing from this pic. But you can see the scones with clotted cream and jam, apple pies, chocolate cake, trifle! Yum!

And look at these!!! Usborne made butterfly cupcakes for me!

Too pretty to eat them!

Everyone was wearing name tags like this!

I signed books!

So many awesome book bloggers with me in the front.

My awesome publisher Usborne organized everything. They are fabulous!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's out!

Today THE OTHER LIFE hits the shelves in the UK!

I still can't believe it.
I'm excited and nervous, and I hope everyone will love the book as much as I do.
I wrote this post yesterday because I'll spend the day in London having lunch with bloggers and other awesome publishing peeps, signing stock and doing an interview! All thanks to my amazing publisher Usborne!
I'll post pics from my launch as soon as I can!
In celebration of this special day, I'm giving away a final copy of The Other Life on the League blog. Check it out!

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It's out in the world!!!!