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Unknown said...

Wow! The Other Life is one of the best books i have ever read! Just wondering, do you know where i can buy the sequel The Life Beyond???

Anonymous said...

I think an introduction would do?
I'm Hannah!
The book you wrote, 'The Other Life.' was an amazing book!
I'm a writer myself and just wanted to say,
Your great!!!!~

Friends call me Hannah The Writer...
If you want to know more about me:

It was nice talking to you!~

------Hannah The Writer.

Unknown said...

Oi, eu sou do Brasil, moro em Ribeirão Preto/SP, me chamo Roberta Albenia, e fiquei muito feliz nesse Natal de ganhar de presente o seu livro A Outra Vida, é simplesmente magnífico, ganhei dia 25/12/2014 e terminei de ler no dia 27/12/2014, queria saber se haverá continuação do livro? Vai ter série, filme ou algo do tipo? Porque se houver vai ser muito bom. Enfim queria agradecer por compartilhar o livro com o mundo e por ter chegado no Brasil.

Hi , I'm from Brazil , live in Ribeirao Preto / SP , my name is Roberta Albenia , and I was very happy this Christmas gift win his book The Afterlife , is simply magnificent , I gained day 12/25/2014 and finished read on 12.27.2014 , wanted to know if there will be continuation of the book ? Will have series, movie or something? Because if there will be very good . Finally I want to thank you for sharing the book with the world and to have reached in Brazil.

Naiha said...

Hi I have been searching everywhere for the UK edition of The Life Beyond but I can't find it anywhere, do you know where I could buy if from. I am constantly re-reading The Other Life and I am dying to know what happens. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Please write a third book! There are so many unanswered questions and it feels like a huge cliffhanger to leave Tessa at Abel's Army with her memories erased. Please consider writing a third book!

Unknown said...

Hi Samantha! I feel the exact same way you do. I read the variants series a couple months ago and still have not gotten over the fact that it ends at such a cliffhanger. I researched a ton on Susanne winnacker and found a Facebook post by her saying she was taking a break from writing books. I was so torn by this and honestly still am. I wrote an email to her a while back and haven't gotten a response. I think she doesn't check these platforms anymore, but we should still continue to try and reach out to her.

It's nice to find someone else in the same boat as me :)

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Gotta lotta nadda...
unless you believe.
They aint mine.
They're the Trinity's.
Im only the steward...
and Im a NDEr.
God bless you.
Cya soon Upstairs.