Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from London!

I spent the last few days in London with my husband. It's only an one hour flight from where we live in Germany but it was only the second time that I was there.

I loved it. Not just because of the sightseeing but because I finally met my lovely agent Julia Churchill! I had lunch with her, my editor Rebecca and Anna from Usborne. And I had dinner with my amazing crit partner Tracy and her husband.
Meeting all those people reminded me again why I love publishing so much. The people are just awesome.

Before we arrived in London I promised my husband not to buy books because we booked our flight with Ryanair and they don't allow passengers to take lots of luggage. Well, I was determined not to get any new books but then I saw the book shop and went in. My husband got that resigned glint in his eyes when he watched me browsing the books. I managed to take only seven new books back home with me. That's not too bad, I guess.

Oh, and I finally had Fish & Chips!

Check out my guest post for The League of Extraordinary Writers! It's about aliens and apocalypse and X-Files!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's time to announce the winners of my blogversary contest!

*drum roll*



Hannah (quixotic_girl on twitter)

Please contact me at books@susannewinnacker.com and let me know your book choice and address. I'll be on vacation in London where I'll meet my agent and editor (YAY!!!!) in the next week and I'll depart on March 9th, so it would be good if you could contact me as soon as possible.