Thursday, October 14, 2010


I promised you pics from my trip to the west coast a few weeks ago. I've finally chosen a few that inspired me in some way.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Red Rock Crossing (Sedona)

Zion Nat. Park

Courtyard Mission Santa Barbara

Cemetery Mission Santa Barbara

Forest Lawn LA
Horseshoe Bend

Joshua Tree Nat. P.


Patti said...

I love Zion's National Park. Did you climb Angel's Landing.

Susanne Winnacker said...

@Patti No we didn't have the time. But we loved the Zion anyway. :D

Abby Minard said...

Gorgeous! We took a trip "out west" when we lived on the east coast, and I lived visiting all those national parks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, all these views are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them!


Elana Johnson said...

Gorgeous. I used to live an hour or so from Zions, and it is beautiful.