Thursday, March 11, 2010

SNI - sweeter than chocolate...

I was absolutely determined to revise my manuscript today.

Sadly, a shiny new idea had popped up in my head last night (and I wasn't even wiping off puke! Though, doggy still isn't feeling well...) and it wouldn't stop bugging me.

Yet, I tried to stand fast. Revisions, nothing but revisions today.

Happy about my steadfastness, I took my printed manuscript and began to read. After the first page of chapter 5, I couldn't remember a word I'd read. Shiny new idea was occupying every inch of my brain.

I came to the conclusion that doing some research for SNI couldn't hurt. It would take an hour, maybe two. Then I'd revise.

8 hours later...

I've done my research for SNI. (Thanks to Wikipedia!)

I've finished a two-page synopsis for SNI and a plan for each chapter.

And I've written 5300 words for SNI.

Complete manuscript feels neglected. Maybe I should feel bad. I know I should have used this day to revise.

I know it.

But SNI is like chocolate. I know it's bad for me, but it's too enticing to resist.

Tomorrow I'll revise. Nothing will stop me.

Except for SNI. Maybe.


Southpaw said...

Oh those shiny new ideas, they have to get out don’t they.

Marty Shaw said...

I feel your pain. Those SNI's are pesky buggers.

Anonymous said...

Total sympathies here! Two weeks ago, I got a SNI (or a Shiny New Twist on an older idea) and have been dying to work on it. But I refuse to let myself do so until I am done with my current WiP.

But, oh, wow, you've already plotted and written 5k in less than a day? That's amazing! And crazy. But amazingly so.

P.S. Love the new layout! Very pretty. :]

Stephanie McGee said...

Boy do I know this feeling. Great blog! Good luck with the revisions and SNI.

erinjade said...

SNI is the reason my last story got trunked instead of revised. :)

Bidisha said...

SNI's like chocolate..bah, totally agree! My SNI's what I'm working on right now, so my previous ms is trunked. I iz bad!

Unknown said...

Well maybe on of these days you'll be able to revise the way you'd like... some days just don't work!!

Love your bunnies they are super cute, and the puppy is cute too! Love your blog!!

Glen Akin said...

I see you too have been attacked by the delicious virus commonly known as SNI. I too am trying very hard to resist its ... power. Sadly, it is killing. Slowly. I don't know how long I can hold. Must. Keep. Writing. Current. Manuscript ... Cannot. Give up! :(