Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer time!

It's summer. Finally!
That means I'm spending less time online and more time outside! Like in the zoo!

Oh, and I thought it was time for a new styling.

New haircut!

Enjoy the summer! In less than three weeks I'll be on vacation for a few weeks. I can't wait. Blogging probably won't happen unless there's news.


Nomes said...

oh! i COMPLETELY love your new hair cut!

and this post is cool ~ apart from making me insanely jealous. It's FREEZING here in Australia now and have spent the day huddled indoors ;)

Susanne Winnacker said...

Thank you! I wanted more colour in my hair!
I'll be jealous of your summer in December! ;)

Jill Hathaway said...

You look gorgeous!