Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Resolution-Update and Photos

The first half of 2011 is almost over, so it's time to take a look at my resolutions for the year to see how I've been doing.


· Read the 20 books I listed for the Debut Author Challenge 2011.

Update: I've read 6 of the books so far (XVI, Timeless, Warped, Divergent, Across the Universe, The Near Witch). I've fallen behind. Need to read more debuts in the second half of 2011!

  • Read more books than in 2010 (more than 45). This resolution might interfere with the two following resolutions...

Update: I've read 36 books so far. If I keep it up I'll definitely reach my goal!


· Write the sequel to THE OTHER LIFE

· Write secret novel. Let's call it ALOMF. (I'm soooo excited about that one)

Update: I wrote both books. Yay! Reached my goal early!


  • Clean the house more often

Update: Umm...let's not talk about this one...

  • Use the WiiFit to get fit

Update: I've been using the WiiFit now and then. Need to work out more often! BUT I lost 14lbs since the start of the year, so yay!

I spent a few days in Stuttgart last week and it was lovely! Here are a few photos:

There's a new group blog of debut sci-fi authors. It's called BRAVE NEW WORDS!

I'm leaving for my vacation tomorrow. Almost 3 weeks touring the east coast! I'm not looking forward to the 8-hour flight but apart from that I'm super excited!


tracythewriter said...

Nice work on your resolutions! You've had a very productive year so far! :-)

Shari Arnold said...

Yay Susanne!! Good job on the resolutions! I should probably make some...

Misha said...

Good job with your progress! Hope you're enjoying your vacation. :-)